Please Share the Local Food Relief Fund with Friends and Family

Dear Donors to the Local Food Relief Fund — Thanks to you, within just a few days of fund launch, more than $50,000 from 200+ donors was raised to buy food from NW Michigan farmers to feed local families hit hard by the economic impact of COVID-19.

With four days remaining on the fund drive, and such a strong show of support for purchasing local food for food banks, we decided to aim higher, to $100,000, because as we all know, the financial impact of COVID-19 will not go away soon, and the longer this fund can provide the better because there will be great ongoing need.

A bonus: a $25,000 matching gift has become available, so every dollar given will be doubled until the match is complete!

Coming together in crisis and providing for those hit hardest is one of the greatest of all American traditions. It is a thing we share. Today we ask that you share in that coming together by sharing the message of the Local Food Relief Fund with your friends and family.

Please share in two ways: 1. Send a personal email with a link to the giving website: 2. Share on your Facebook page. THANK YOU!

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