Getting close! Final two days!

Dear Friends of the Local Food Relief Fund — We are sharing a quick update. First, thank you again for your support. The fund has come a long way from its original goal of $30,000 to now aiming for $100,000 in just a week.

The fund has attracted 300 donors! That is such a testament to the legitimacy of this idea: purchase food from NW Michigan farmers to help them as other markets dry up (restaurants and schools) and use the food to feed out of work families through food pantries.

At this precise moment, the fund shows $62,191 has been raised. BUT … important to know is that the fund is way closer to $100,000 than that suggests, because with the matching gift in place, only $19,000 more is needed to get us to the goal! (The fund raised $30K in about a day when launched, so this is doable!)

Would you be willing to share word fo the fund with some people you know who believe in the power of local food in helping struggling families through the COVID-19 crisis?

(Also, check the Groundwork Facebook page to read an article from California that portrays the precise situation happening there that we hoped to avoid when we launched this fund: farmers plowing crops under because of market collapse while food pantries can’t meet demand.)

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