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Heads up! SolaRISE, a renewable energy crowdfunding service powered by the Groundwork Center, has shifted gears to address the urgent needs of local food pantries during the COVID-19 crisis. Please consider giving to the Local Food Relief Fund

SolaRISE is the platform to help your nonprofit organization to go renewable! When you create a renewable energy project on our site and share it with your supporters, you’re on your way to harnessing renewable energy to reduce your environmental impact. Here’s how it works:

All Hands Together to Install Solar Energy ProjectsFor Nonprofits

  1. Tell us about your nonprofit organization by filling out our simple form.
  2. Share information from your electric bills to let us know your typical energy usage.
  3. A SolaRISE expert (powered by Groundwork Center) will arrange a site visit and estimate how much the system will cost. We’ll launch your fundraising campaign on the SolaRISE platform, and will introduce you to solar contractors that can install your new renewable energy system.
  4. You share the campaign with your supporters and on social media to start fundraising your way to a clean energy future for your nonprofit.
  5. Submit Your Project

  6. Once you are approved you may Get Started here.

For Supporters

  1. You can make an impact by helping your favorite nonprofit (or one that you discover here) by donating to their campaign.
  2. Your contribution can be deducted from your federal income tax.
  3. Find a Campaign
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