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Heads up! SolaRISE, a renewable energy crowdfunding service powered by the Groundwork Center, has shifted gears to address the urgent needs of local food pantries during the COVID-19 crisis. Please consider giving to the Local Food Relief Fund.

SolaRISE is a unique renewable energy crowdfunding service powered by Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities. Groundwork is based in Traverse City, Michigan, and has launched SolaRISE in our region.

Groundwork Center

Your organization is already doing good work. You’re effectively serving your community and meeting your goals. Switching to renewable energy can add to your effectiveness by reducing your overhead. Without much effort, you can add to your mission by enhancing the health and sustainability of your community by how you purchase your power.

Renewable energy projects have traditionally been out of reach for nonprofit organizations. Federal and state tax rebates for investments in solar energy projects are only available to homeowners or to for-profit businesses. The up-front cost of installing these projects is prohibitive to organizations since fundraising typically goes to programs and running the nonprofit, but not to building infrastructure.

SolaRISE is here to help!

An investment in renewable energy provides a decades-long benefit because it generates free power from the sun. Our experts will help to estimate the cost of a solar installation to fit your needs and launch your project on our website. We’ll set you up with a qualified installer to make your transition to renewable energy easy.  Your community of supporters can give, and ask others to give via this platform. Your supporters (and their friends) can deduct their donation on their federal taxes.

It’s a Win-Win-Win

  1. Your nonprofit gets to benefit from reduced electricity bills for decades.
  2. Your supporters get to deduct their donations because they’re giving to a qualified nonprofit via our platform.
  3. Everyone feels good knowing they are doing their part to reduce their environmental impact.

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What’s Our Story?

Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities is all about giving communities the means to thrive. We organized SolaRISE as a way to make the transition to a clean energy economy possible for nonprofits so that they are not left out of the rapid switch to renewable energy that’s already underway.

An equitable transition to clean energy is one of the pillars of our work. The SolaRISE platform is funded by grants from the Mott Foundation, the Department of Energy, Rotary Charities, and others.

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